Motivational Speaking

Dr Cival Mills is meeting his locked-in syndrome head-on.  He is severely disabled and unable to speak.  His zest for life, determined efforts to overcome his constraints and positive outlook on life are extremely inspirational to others.  Cival reaches out and shares his experiences and thoughts with people.  He does this not only through example but also through the motivational speeches he delivers with the help of his spokesperson, Sarie Odendaal, who reads his speeches to the audiences.

Cival uses technology to communicate with a person or groups with the use of a device converting his typed text into visual and audio formats.  

He has become a popular motivational speaker and has delivered speeches at the University of Pretoria’s Departments of Occupational Therapy, Alternative Communication and Physiology. He delivered a message to President Nelson Mandela during a private visit and has also delivered papers and motivational talks at Tape Aids for the Blind, the Quad-Paraplegic Society of South Africa, First National Bank, other corporates, schools, churches,  book clubs and service organisations such as Rotary Clubs and other organisations.

To many he has become a symbol of hope, determination and perseverance. He lives his mantra: never ever give up!

Cival leaves a lasting impression of joy with people and gives hope and motivation to the distressed, he touches lives!

For more information please contact Sarie Odendaal.

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